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EV Design Engineer

  • Developing design solutions as part of concepts, drafts and specific design engineering tasks

  • Participating in regular design coordination meetings with customers/suppliers and in internal projects

  • Drawing up estimates (of the cost and time/effort required) for design work          

  • Tracking deadlines and ensuring compliance with project milestones

  • Responsible for design matters within complex projects      

  • Creating, checking and approving 3D and 2D data within the Design Engineering department for use in downstream processes

  • Generating, converting and documenting data and documents for use in internal downstream processes and by external partners

  • Conducting and evaluating complex software-assisted analyses to verify the functional safety, manufacturing feasibility, function and installation feasibility of components and assemblies


  • Completed bachelor's degree in related field

  • At least 2 years of professional experience in similar field or equivalent combination of education and experience

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