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Carol Cosgriff-Owner

"I have worked in the staffing industry for 30 years. I started Confidential Recruiting because I felt that the professional recruiting industry charges were out of reach for many companies, and I wanted to bring a "different" kind of staffing choice for those facilities. I wanted to own a company that could bring back the trust to both businesses and applicants, and also make it affordable for a company to seek out assistance. Therefore, Confidential Recruiting was born, and our slogan 'We want to be your first choice, not your last resort' was implemented."

Casey Curtis-Sr. Recruiter

"As a recruiter, I love helping great companies find the right talent to make the whole team be able to meet goals and function more efficiently. I feel just as strongly in helping great candidates find the career and company of their dreams. I love getting to know them, and helping them from start to finish find the right company they can call home."


Jackson, MI


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