"Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success."

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Choosing a new career or changing job positions is a life-altering decision. At Confidential Recruiting, we understand the challenges this brings. Our mission is to match you with the right opportunities that will allow you to maximize your potential so you will enjoy going to work every day. We have a solid reputation and a high success rate for job placement that has enabled our clients to grow their careers.

We specialize in upper-level professional placement, which includes sales managers, engineers, accountants, logistics managers, production supervisors, and others. We also work with managers who have entry-level positions available for skilled trades that do not require a degree but a unique skillset.  Confidentiality is always assured.  How can we assist you?

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About Us

Confidential Recruiting embodies our philosophy-- your resume is ALWAYS kept confidential until YOU permit us to share it with our customers. Your Information will never find its way to a company without your permission, so you can work directly and safely with us in the attempt to obtain the perfect fit for you.   Our hiring clients know that their company information and orders are always kept confidential.

We pride ourselves on the level of personal service we provide our customers and applicants. Our goal is always focused on making the perfect connection between the employee and the employer.

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